Heroes vs Villains: Marvel Baseball League

After binging on Daredevil over two days at the weekend, with the upcoming release of Avengers: Age of Ultron and being in the middle of my Marvel Cinematic Universe rewatch (to prepare for Avengers: Age of Ultron), I have Marvel on the mind. So I figured the only way to deal with this distraction is to embrace it. The Heroes and Villains of the Marvel universe have a wide variety of powers. And these are usually applied to destorying or saving the world depending on what side they fall on. But what if they put the fighting aside and moved it over to the much safer baseball field. Using Out of the Park Baseball 16, I have created a number of the top heroes and villains with ratings relevant to their powers. They have been placed on their respective teams and the teams have been set to play each. The competition has been set as a 5 game series to give both teams a reasonable chance of coming out on top. Each roster has 16 players, 4 pitchers and 12 batters. The designated hitter is being used just to get the big guns batting that bit more. So lets meet the teams.


lineupHeroHero Pitchers The Heroes are of course being led by Captain America who is starting at catcher for the team. Hawkeye is a big weapon at starting pitcher, using his pin point accuracy to get those strikeouts. Thor is a big power hitter that should be a source of home runs. There are good fielders in the outfield with Storm, Iron Man and Thor. Kitty Pryde, Daredevil and Jean Grey are on the bench.

Hero Batters



Villain Pitchers Quicksilver is the lead off hitter for the Villains. His speed will be a big asset running the bases. Doc oc will be using his many arms to from the mound with Loki acting as a tricky closer. Deadpool has been put on the Villains side just because it’s something he might do, to be that bit eccentric.

Villain batters

Game 1

Heroes 3 – 2 Villains

The Heroes win the first game by a single run. The Villains had 9 hits but did not capitalize on these chances. The Heroes got their three runs from home runs coming from the bats of Spiderman, Wolverine and Storm. The biggest asset for the Heroes was Hawkeye on the mound. He gave up 7 hits but only a single run and struck out 10. Doc Oc gave up the three home runs to the Heroes which was the difference in the end. Quicksilver used his speed to get a triple which led to the Villains score in the 4th inning. A let come back might have been on but Gambit shut it down, leaving Dr. Doom on third base.

gameOneBatter gameOnePitcher

Game 2

Heroes 4 – 3 Villains

It took extra innings for the Heroes to get the win in the second match. They took the lead on the back of a 3 run home run from Captain America. Cyclops and Wolverine came in for runs to put them ahead. This lead was evened up when Ultron made a good run to get from second to home base and when Carnage got a 2 run home run. The extra innings brought out all the pitchers on both sides. Gambit played well to finish out the match with 7 strikeouts and no hits. Hawkeye once again showed his value starting for the Heroes. The extra innings contained some big defensive plays to keep the game level. The winning run came when Cyclops, quite appropriately, hit a single to send Jean Grey home.  



The Heroes lead the series 2-0 and Hawkeye has really led the way with his pitching. The Villains will need to come up with a big win or the series will be over and the Heroes will once again win it all and leave the Villains with nothing. Check out part two now.


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